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7 Keys To Unlock Your Healing & Move Beyond Infidelity

Are you traumatized by a recent or past discovery, tired of crying all the time, exhausted from sleepless nights, drowning in a sea of intrusive thoughts and confused about staying or leaving?!

Would you like to feel Confident, Hopeful and Empowered to move past betrayal and be able to find True Love again (with your spouse or future partner)?!

Without sacrificing your integrity, sanity or sense of self-worth...

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during this powerful workshop series, you will learn to:

  • USE My Signature Beyond Infidelity Blueprint: A SIMPLE, IMPLEMENTABLE, HEART-CENTERED 7-Step Solution for INCREASING your Confidence, ACQUIRING a New Sense of Self-Worth, GENERATING Abundance & Freedom and DISCOVERING Joy, Happiness, Calm & Inner Peace.
  • FOCUS Your Attention on 3 specific areas of your life that count the most in order to ACCELERATE Your Healing. I'll show you small action steps you can take that will make the biggest impact in the recovery & restoration of who you really are inside.
  • MINIMIZE Additional Damage to your heart & overall well-being and STOP the Emotional Roller Coaster you're riding. If you continue to do this ONE THING, you're actually giving your permission for future betrayals.
  • Finally, REVERSE ENGINEER Your Deepest Desires with this simple exercise so you can Create EXACTLY What You're Asking For, otherwise you will continue to experience unhealthy behaviors in your relationship(s).


"I've never done any type of coaching before so I didn't know what to expect. I was scared and excited at the same time. The tools I learned helped me move past betrayal, sexual trauma and financial hardship." - Stephanie G., Florida

"The Breathwork & Emotional Mind Map exercises alone are worth the value of this entire program. I struggled with anxiety, depression and insomnia upon my discovery but these exercises reduced my symptoms and helped me move past my codependence." - Kym M., North Carolina

"Sal's course guided me step-by-step through my trauma & betrayal. I was confused, in pain and constantly being triggered from years of emotional & physical abuse. I learned how to take a step back, put myself first and most importantly, I discovered how to love ME again.” - Tina T., Georgia

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