Are you ready to Heal & Move Beyond Infidelity?!

You're in Shock; You're Confused; You've been Betrayed; You don't know if you can ever Trust your cheating spouse again; You've been in therapy WAY... TOO... LONG and you're still unsure if you should STAY and work things out or LEAVE?!

I GET IT.... which is why I created this Masterclass to assist you on your Healing Journey.

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    Sal Harper

    Infidelity Recovery


    Who am I?

    Hello, my name is Sal and I've been where you are. I experienced first-hand the lies, deceit and emotional trauma that infidelity took on me, my kids and in my marriage.

    I suffered in silence, not knowing who or where to turn for guidance. If this is you and you would like support to heal from your trauma, Register for the next Masterclass...

    "Sal's course guided me step-by-step through my trauma & betrayal. I was confused, in pain and constantly being triggered from years of emotional & physical abuse. I learned how to take a step back, put myself first and most importantly, I discovered how to love ME again.” - Tina T., Georgia

    Inside, you will learn:

    • The 3 Biggest Mistakes... keeping you stuck in pain and preventing you from healing & moving forward.
    • 3 Secrets to Healing Faster ... that your therapist doesn't want you to know about.
    • The Powerful Formula... that can restore trust by turning back on this internal signal.
    • The #1 Reason Why... my students go from heartbreak & pain to Fast-track their healing and live Happy & Healthier lives working with me.

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